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We buy wooden pallets

We buy wooden pallets and work collaboratively with our customers and Waste Management partners to provide clear and concise pricing and rebates. For full artic load collections of 1200x1000mm pallets and 1200x800mm pallets we can offer a nationwide service and revenue paid for good pallets.

Contact us with your specific enquiry to see how we can help.

Pallet Collection

We can provide stand trailers on site for our customers to create a clean and safe working environment, prevent double-handing and enable loading at a time that suits your operation.

Once collected these wooden pallets will be fed through our state-of-the-art modern pallet sortation and repair line enabling us to minimise handling and repair costs by utilising automated handling methods.

Pallet Sorting

We also collect mixed loads of wooden pallets and sort these pallets to promote re-use and recycling of these valuable resources. Please contact us with details of the pallets you have for collection.

Within the Midlands we can offer collections for smaller volumes of pallets. Contact us to ensure your pallets are collected and recycled in a compliant and sustainable fashion.

All our collections are completed with the correct waste transfer paperwork, handled in accordance with the waste hierarchy and processed at our legally compliant sites.

Do you have wooden pallets you’d like to sell to us?